Report a claim

What to do in the event of an Accident

  1. If anyone is injured, immediately render any possible first aid assistance and call emergency services.
  2. Report the accident to the nearest police station and file any necessary reports.
  3. Cooperate fully with the police, but do not make any admissions about your liability. Do not sign any statements for anyone other than an authorized representative of your insurance company.
  4. Exchange names, addresses, and insurance information with the driver of the other vehicle.
  5. Record the following information;
  • Date, Time & Place of the accident
  • Name & address of the owner of the other vehicle/s, if different from the driver
  • Drivers License Number of the other driver/s
  • Names, addresses & phone numbers of all passengers & witnesses
  • License Plate Numbers with State of the other vehicle/s and witnesses’ vehicle/s

Please report all accidents promptly by visiting your closest Pearland Office with your Drivers License, TLC License, Registration, Rate Card (if applicable), police report (if available) and complete information about the accident.

NOTE: Please print the “Accident Information Form” below and keep it in your glove compartment at all times. It will allow you to provide the particulars of any accident. You can also print “MV-104” from below and fill it out as much as possible, if you wish, before coming to our office to report any accident.

MV 104

If you have any questions or would like to report a claim please email